BookGarage is the ultimate ecosystem for assisted self-publishing. It's a place where committed authors, top-notch freelancers, and selective readers come together to create and enjoy exceptional books.


BookGarage is your one-stop shop for successful self-publishing, and a place to find an enlightened readership.

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BookGarage is your pro-active marketplace for creative and challenging jobs where your skills are highly valued.

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BookGarage is where you can be part of the story and success, and connect with like-minded book lovers.

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Our Mission

  • Make it easy for anyone to self-publish successfully.
  • Encourage and facilitate rewarding publishing partnerships.
  • Act as a matchmaker between authors, publishing professionals, and readers.
  • Foster a vibrant online community for everyone who loves books.


  • Work with publishing house-level service providers, on your terms.
  • Crowdfund your service needs.
  • Address your publishing, distribution, and marketing needs.
  • Display your best work and grow an active readership.

Join BookGarage because your manuscript is worth it.


  • Put your skills in the spotlight.
  • Find jobs in the areas of editing, translation, design, marketing, and more.
  • Match your expertise with committed authors.
  • Let secure and compelling jobs find you.

Join BookGarage to work on successful projects.


  • Find and support the next big thing.
  • Discover new authors and connect.
  • Start and join communities of like-minded readers.
  • Enjoy better books.

Join BookGarage to be part of the story.


Management Team


Christian Lonnqvist Chief Executive Officer & Co-founder

Christian is a finance professional with an extensive background in telecommunications. He is also a published author of fiction, and was part of the development team for an eReader project for a global enterprise. He loves ice hockey, music, creative art and books.

Reto Steffen

Reto Steffen Chief Technology Officer & Co-founder

Reto is a multilingual, multi-talented polymath. The left side of his brain is about computing, web technology and database design; the right side is engaged with classical music, film production and books.