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BookGarage is the ultimate one-stop shop for committed self-publishing authors, offering professional editing, translation, design, publication, distribution and marketing. We make your work shine and help you build a supportive and active readership.

Great creativity is of no use without excellent delivery. Actually, all great and successful authors and writers always relied on professional assistance, such as editors, distributors and marketers. Something seemingly invisible perhaps, something hidden behind publishing houses’ thick walls of the past.

Today, it’s no wonder that many self-publishers find themselves lost. It’s too easy to believe that self-publishing means that you should do everything yourself. Well, technically it’s possible. But, really, does being an excellent author make you an excellent cover designer? Does being a compelling story-teller make you an excellent marketer? We don’t think so.

When you bring a book project to BookGarage, you gain access to a broad range of carefully selected, high level freelance or in-house services, including:

  • editing
  • proofreading
  • translation
  • file creation and conversion
  • ISBN
  • book cover design
  • blurb and synopsis writing
  • design and management of author websites (linked to BookGarage)
  • video trailer production
  • aggregated distribution (Amazon Kindle, Apple iBooks, Smashwords, etc.)
  • marketing
  • crowdfunding

While it’s true that there are other ways to find freelancers, the BookGarage community is tailored to self-publishing. We quickly and efficiently find the skilled professionals you require. Our proprietary evaluation system ensures that you will always be provided with the best match for your needs. We will protect your rights, formalize the service agreement, and perform a strict follow-up to make sure you receive the quality you deserve.

BookGarage will be there for you when it's finally time to publish your refined manuscript. We help you figure out how and where. We can help you decide whether to publish your book as an eBook, audiobook, printed edition, or a combination of forms. We can help choose between soft cover and hard cover. There are many questions and scenarios that could make even the most experienced writer hesitate.

We can also walk you through the hurdles and difficulties of distribution, or we can even take care of the distribution for you, and make your finished book available to readers in the major retailers' bookstores and Smashwords’ Premium Catalogue distribution.

Marketing and promotion never ends. BookGarage will offer you opportunities to increase your visibility either via selected freelancers or with direct promotional initiatives such as featuring you and your titles to the readers in our community, our newsletter, or with BookGarage partners.

Finally, our solution offers authors a truly invaluable benefit: a community of discerning readers. This pillar of BookGarage’s ecosystem not only provides a way to be discovered, but also connects readers with authors who really care about quality.

Readers know that the authors they meet here are the committed ones: be one of them!