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BookGarage is the foremost full-service marketplace for independent service providers in publishing, multi-media, and marketing. We put your skills in the spotlight, we find compelling jobs for you, and we provide a secure work environment.

Let BookGarage help you market your talents and find opportunities geared to your abilities. As a freelancer, you will be able to showcase your skills, specify the work you’re looking for, notify authors of your availability and schedule, and search for open book projects.

Whatever your area of expertise, BookGarage will connect you with authors in need of your skills, including:

  • editing
  • proofreading
  • translation
  • book cover design
  • blurb and synopsis writing
  • design of author websites
  • video trailers for books
  • multi-media production
  • eBook enhancements

At BookGarage, jobs will find you, but you can also search for and support interesting book projects. Build your own track record, become a featured freelancer, see your rating rise and earn more compelling jobs. Let us take care of all the administrative work, from contract management to data management to payment management.

Do what you do best, let BookGarage do the rest.