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BookGarage is on a mission to make it possible for anyone to successfully self-publish innovative books and stories for readers anywhere in the world. We are the ecosystem where committed authors, top-notch freelancers and selective readers come together.

The digital revolution has led to a new publishing landscape, in which it's now possible for anyone to self-publish books and stories, newsletters and magazines, catalogs and other publications. Digital publications can easily be made available on private websites, and anyone can sell eBooks on global retailers' platforms such as Amazon's Kindle and Apple's iBooks Store. Enhanced versions of eBooks have also started to emerge, for instance, eBooks enriched with multimedia content.

Gone are the days when the publishing houses were the gatekeepers of the book market. As a matter of fact, in 2014, indie-published authors took home the lion’s share of all eBook author earnings generated on Amazon.com, while authors published by all of the Big Five publishers slipped into second place. And print-on-demand is becoming commonplace, making it easier for self-publishers to sell printed books, too.

Nevertheless, most self-publishers sell very few copies of their books. So, while the consumers – the book readers – clearly have accepted self-published titles, the reality is harsh. It is increasingly difficult to stand out from the crowd.

That’s why BookGarage was established. To make sure that self-publishers easily have access to all the professional expertise and services that only publishing houses could offer in the old days. We make sure that indie-authors and self-publishers with ease can find and hire the professional editing, translation, design, publication, distribution and marketing they need to make their work shine. We make sure that authors can engage with their readers, and make their books stand out from the crowd. We give discerning indie-authors and self-published books a fair chance.

BookGarage is the ultimate ecosystem for professional self-publishing, supporting co-created, crowdfunded and enhanced book concepts. As a vetted and innovative matchmaking marketplace, we use proprietary heuristics, notifications, and messages to find the best connections among our pillar members.

The future of self-publishing. Now.