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BookGarage showcases the very best in the world of self-publishing. We are a book community where you can be part of the story and success.

BookGarage is the place where discriminating readers find serious, committed authors who share one top priority: to please their readers by producing the best books possible, with the support of the best freelancers in publishing. At BookGarage, we care about the readers’ experience, and we want stories that are polished and with no blemishes like plot holes, inconsistencies, typos, or grammatical errors.

Do you have a discerning eye and good attention to detail? Become a beta reader and help authors perfect their books. This is a great way to discover new writers and get to read new work before everyone else.

Have you had enough of fake reviews designed to lure readers towards undeserving works? Do you like writing thoughtful reviews free of hype? Public reviews in BookGarage are carefully vetted, and good reviewers’ work is not lost in a pile of vapid comments (however, your private reviews, shared only with your first-level connections, are not subject to an editorial scrutiny).

Would you like to see your most-liked author’s newest book translated into your language? Start a book project, reach out to the readers’ community and have it crowdfunded, or support existing ones.

BookGarage is a book community for enthusiastic readers wanting to connect with their authors and with like-minded readers. Where you can be part of the story. Where the readers are the gatekeepers of the book market. Where you can help crowdfund book projects of your liking and take part in the royalty sharing.

Join us and enjoy the best authors in self-publishing; start communities of like-minded readers; establish relationships with authors who really care about you.

Exciting like a thriller, fascinating like science fiction, flowing like a poem.